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With A Power Offer You Can...


Get Clients in as little as 24 hours from now


Double or triple your prices overnight by focusing on your best customers.


✅ Get your best customers to raise their hands and say, “Yes! I want to buy right now.”


Spend up to 90 percent less on ads because your message is so clear and relevant.


✅ Throw out all the complicated marketing you’re doing and make your business, and life, simple.


Test brand-new offers so you know people will buy before you spend time and money building it.


… And much more!

What Recent Customers Are Saying:


“I joined the Power Offer Workshop to help a client… So far he’s made 2-sales and likes where things are going.” – Kimran


“The Power Offer strikes again! Win out of the gate using the power offer with cold ads with a new product.” – Robb


“The difference between front- and back-end offers… was a unique angle I’ve never seen anyone else talk about before.” – Brendan


“The workshop was amazeballs and I got so much out of it... It’s a brand new paradigm… You literally delivered a $5,000 workshop for like $40.” – Susan


“1. What your prospects already know… 2. Speed and time being the best selling points… 3. [Having a unique] model… Those leap out at me but there was so much value in there.” – Tope

Included In Your Purchase: 


➡️ The full 3-hour Power Offer workshop, broken down into short, easy-to-watch modules, and transcripts of the entire workshop if you prefer to read instead of watch


➡️ Examples of winning power offers that have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in multiple niches

➡️ My 30-day risk-free guarantee - go through the entire workshop and implement the power offer. If you haven’t made any sales in 30 days, I insist you contact my assistant Katie – – for a full refund

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